ust imagine what would happen if you were made to stay all alone at some place for a long period of time without any kind of interactions with people? Any normal person would be exhausted of the loneliness. The reason behind this is that humans are social animals and they love living amidst people.

In today’s modern world, things are changing and machines are overpowering us making us more gadget-dependent. People are interacting with one another in the virtual world and real time interactions have become rare.People communicate with each other via social media platforms, chat messages and special apps on their smartphones. But face-to-face interaction is becoming something of the past.

Society on the whole is suffering. Socializing with people is a very healthy habit.Various research studies are being carried out to understand the value and importance of socializing with striking results regarding a wholesome human development. People who have been brought up in a lonely ambience tend to develop more problems as they grow up than people who have been brought up amidst lots of social contact.

It is high time that you shun your smartphone for a while, do away with interacting on virtual media spaces and get down to real things in life. Go out, meet people, and see how direct interactions and socializing can change your worldview and your overall wellbeing.

Here are the 9 most important benefits of real-time socializing:

  • Helps in building positive and constructive relationships via the real social networks that are formed.
  • Socializing plays a pivotal role in improving overall growth and development of an individual.
  • As per Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin by SAGE, socializing enhances mental functioning, as the mind is kept occupied with real thoughts.
  • Stress and anxiety levels can be reduced to a great extent. Solutions to problems may be found in dialogue.
  • It provides great opportunity to understand various kinds of people, their mannerisms, personalities, thought processes and so on. Socializing develops better understanding of human perspectives and attributes.
  • Socializing is a great tool for development of self-confidence and giving your self-esteem the required boost. It kicks out shyness and hesitance from an individual making him ready to face the world in a smart manner.
  • It provides happiness and joy when you meet your family and friends in real rather that online life, as you can share issues and emotions more explicitly.
  • Socializing is a great way of giving and getting emotional, physical and spiritual support. Even if you are feeling down and upset with something, friends and family can help you overcome the difficult period with ease. They can cheer you up, provide the required encouragement and bring back your lost zeal and enthusiasm.
  • As per BUPA, socializing reduces risks of various kinds of ailments. Research reports have shown that socializing can help in preventing age related cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.

There is no denying the fact that chats, social media, emails and video calls are highly convenient modes of remaining connected to friends and family, but they lack human touch.Human connection is vital for a beneficial society. 

Many older people are now reaching out to technology to keep pace with the younger generation. But in spite of all these efforts, there is a gap that remains to be bridged, which can only be done by human contact.

Walking together, playing games, mentoring, tutoring, getting involved in volunteering jobs, joining discussions in real time, going to movies, going for picnic and excursions or short trips – these are some simple ways of socializing. Ram up your social life and you will understand the crucial difference that makes.


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